Appropriate USE POLICY
FishInTheSeaDating.com, and its subsidiaries, divisions and related internet websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as “FishInTheSeaDating.com”) Appropriate Use Policy (“AUP”) describes the proper sorts of conduct and prohibited utilizes of FishInTheSeaDating.com’s solutions (the “Services”), as described and subscribed to pursuant to the relevant Phrases and Circumstances. The AUP is not exhaustive and FishInTheSeaDating.com reserves the right to modify the AUP at any time, effective upon posting of the modified AUP to www.FishInTheSeaDating.com. By registering for and utilizing the Services, and thereby accepting the phrases and circumstances of the Arrangement, you concur to abide by the AUP as modified from time to time. Any violation of the AUP may outcome in the suspension or termination of your account and this kind of other action as FishInTheSeaDating.com deems suitable.
one. YOUR Common Responsibilities
The Services enable you to create and show a Web site via which you can interact with customers of the Web and retrieve and send vast amounts of info. It also allows for the deploying of e-mail to market the sale of your product or solutions. Generally, FishInTheSeaDating.com will not actively keep track of, censor, or directly control any content material that is or will be displayed on your Web site(s) or info that you gather or use via your Web site(s). FishInTheSeaDating.com, however, provides the Services with the objectives of (a) making certain security, reliability and privacy of the Services and the customers of the Services, (b) keeping an picture and reputation of FishInTheSeaDating.com as a accountable supplier of the Services, (c) preserving the worth of Web resources as a conduit for totally free expression, (d) encouraging the accountable use of Web resources and discouraging degrading, libelous or illegal utilizes of this kind of resources. Consequently, FishInTheSeaDating.com expects you, and all other customers of the Services, to consider duty in utilizing the Web with courtesy and duty, and be acquainted with and to practice great Web etiquette, in furtherance of the over mentioned objectives.
VIOLATION OF ANY OF THESE Guidelines IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND May Result IN THE Immediate TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION OF THE Services YOU Receive FROM FishInTheSeaDating.com. YOU WILL Remain Exclusively LIABLE AND Accountable FOR YOUR USE OF THE Services AND ANY AND ALL Content material THAT YOU Show, UPLOAD, Download OR TRANSMIT Through THE USE OF THE Services. “Content material” Includes, With out LIMITATION, YOUR E-MAIL, Web PAGES, Personal Home PAGES, AND DOMAIN NAMES.
2. ILLEGAL OR Dangerous USE
You may use the Services only for lawful functions. Transmission, distribution, sale or storage of any material in violation of any relevant law, regulation, or the AUP is prohibited. The subsequent non-exhaustive checklist particulars the sorts of illegal or harmful conduct that are prohibited. FishInTheSeaDating.com reserves the rights to restrict or prohibit any and all utilizes of the Services or content material on your Web site(s) and to eliminate this kind of materials from its servers that FishInTheSeaDating.com determines in its sole discretion is harmful to its servers, systems, network, reputation, great will, other FishInTheSeaDating.com clients or any third celebration.
Infringement. Infringement of intellectual house rights or other proprietary rights such as, without limitation, material protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual house right used without proper authorization. Infringement may outcome from, amongst other actions, the unauthorized copying and posting of photos, logos, software program, articles, musical operates, and movies.
Offensive Supplies. Transmission, disseminating, sale, storage or hosting material that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or or else objectionable.
Export Violations. Posting or sending of software program or technical info in violation of U.S. export legal guidelines, such as, without limitation, the Export Administration Act and the Export Administration Regulations maintained by the Department of Commerce.
Dangerous Content material. Disseminating or hosting harmful content material such as, without limitation, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or any other computer programming routines that may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any program, program, information or personal info.
Fraudulent Conduct. Providing or disseminating fraudulent items, solutions, schemes, or promotions (i.e., make cash fast schemes, chain letters, pyramid schemes), or furnishing false information on any signup type, contract or on-line application or registration, or the fraudulent use of any info obtained via the use of the Services, such as without limitation use of credit card figures.
three. System AND NETWORK Security AND INTEGRITY
Violations of FishInTheSeaDating.com’s or any third party’s server, program or network security via the use of the Services are prohibited, and may outcome in criminal and civil liability. FishInTheSeaDating.com may look into incidents involving this kind of violations. FishInTheSeaDating.com may involve and cooperate with law enforcement if a criminal violation is suspected. Examples of server, program or network security violations include, without limitation, the subsequent:
Hacking. Unauthorized entry to or use of information, systems, servers or networks, such as any try to probe, scan or check the vulnerability of a program, server or network or to breach security or authentication measures without express authorization of the proprietor of the program, server or network.
Interception. Unauthorized monitoring of information or traffic on any network, server, or program without express authorization of the proprietor of the program, server, or network.
Intentional Interference. Interference with service to any user, host or network such as, without limitation, mail bombing, information bombing, other flooding techniques, deliberate attempts to overload a program, broadcast attacks and any activity resulting in the crash of a host. Intentional interference also means the use of any type of program/script/command, or send messages of any type, designed to interfere with a user’s terminal session, via any means, locally or by the Web.
Falsification of Origin. Forging of any TCP-IP packet header, e-mail header or any component of a message header. This prohibition does not include the use of aliases or anonymous remailers.
Avoiding System Restrictions. Using manual or electronic means to avoid any use limitations placed on the Services this kind of as timing out.
Failure to Safeguard Accounts. Failing to prevent unauthorized entry to accounts, such as any account passwords.

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